Seize Your Day!

 Why is today important? How can we have hope and joy in these days? Come sit on the couch, grab your favorite beverage, let's talk.
Today it is with a heavy heart I write. As I scanned all my social media this morning, after my normal morning prayers, I found myself spending hours in Intessery Prayers for my friends and family. There is so much sadness and grief. I just celebrated two friends finishing their chemo treatments, as two more received word ... that ugly word...CANCER. All Cancer is horrible,  but their kinds we found out are advanced, aggressive and in various parts of body. Mother's, Grandmother's fighting for life. Fighting for one more day to pour out love. Same are the desires of my fellow Systemic Lupus Warriors. May is Lupus Awareness Month. Five Million in the world are living with this cruel, devastating, potentially fatal disease and the multitude of Secondary Illnesses it brings on one's body. Then, the many Mother's asking for prayers for their children. Mother's lamenting over their children's struggles. Widow's grieving. Families grieving. In fact, I lost my own Father this Spring. Tears fall. Heartbreak! I hear that a friend's 17 yr old daughter was on her way to work, when she was involved in a head-on collision. A distracted driver hit her. She is gone. She is in the arms of Jesus. Think of the heartache of this Mother, Father and family, but also of the other driver and his family. Rumors of wars, class wars, race wars, violence and more seem to be the stories everyone is talking about. So how can we find HOPE? Is it possible to find any beauty in the ashes of these dark days? I say, "Yes!" Is the road treacherous? It absolutely is. It takes faith, and from that faith, you look for the end of the rope of strength , and hang on with all your might.
Helping you, is none other than God himself. In Him we find our refuge. Today is important in your life! Everyday is! Seize it! Grab the rope of faith and strength through your teared up eyes. Let Him take the heavy burden off your back. Keep moving forward. Love someone. Learn. Grow. Laugh. Live! This day matters, and so do You! I just want you to know.