Easter Monday 2017 Announcement!

Hi Blogger Fans, and Fans of There Is Hope Blog! After a three year absence due to family and health emergencies (life) , we are coming back! Both our children are now grown, and we have two grandsons. Life has been a blessing. We also said to both our Father's. We miss them but celebrate that they are both well and whole in Heaven, after years of suffering. Our faith, our Hope, our love saw us thru all the highs and lows of three very dramatic years. We do not say this Roller Coaster is over, but we are ready to return and share a bit of wisdom, love, laughter and living with all of You! A revamped blog and lots of extras will be up and going over the next few weeks. Be sure to check back and see what is new. Then spread the word to your friends....There Is Hope Blog is back! God bless.