Review: Homeschool Discipleship

Home Discipleship ~

Kimberly Williams recently launched a book entitled "Home Discipleship".  
Kimberly is a fellow pastor's wife, homeschool mother, author and most importantly a disciple of Jesus Christ. Sharing so much in common, I was eager to review her latest work. She shares that the title to this book reflects what has become a way of life for her family. "Each year brings new experiences, creates wonderful memories, and brings her family closer together." (see back of book) 

While homeschooling is included, this book is about so more than ABC's and 123's. Complete with chapter practical application questions, you will be challenged to dig deep into your heart and soul. With easy to read dialogue, you will find  practical answers drawn from Mrs. William's real - life experience. She has been there, and done that! We each go through a journey on our spiritual walk, and as Homeschool Mothers.
She also stakes her claims upon the Holy Word of God. You will go to the word as you ponder and discuss the practical questions included, finding your own foundation. We find the mandate to disciple, that is so often overlooked in today's society, in Deuteronomy 6:1-7. As Kimberly says, discipleship is an ongoing transformation, "...teach them diligently unto thy children..." (Deut. 6: 1-7) so that then they may go and teach, imparting a multi - generational vision. ( Psalms 78:6 , see pg. 13 in "Home Discipleship") 
How else shall the world know? Kimberly guides Christian parents into a homeschooling lifestyle that will help parents accomplish the very challenge commanded unto them. As you read and study through this book and the Word, you will grow in your own spiritual walk, while imparting to your family. I urge both Mom and Dad do this book study together. Remember discipleship must first start in our own hearts before we can impart it upon our own children. As you walk this journey you will be guided by this packed filled resource, learning to apply discipleship in every subject of your homeschool and beyond. DISCIPLESHIP AS A WAY OF LIFE! Imagine what could happen in our homes, our churches, our cities and this nation!
Do you wander where to start, how to choose the right curriculum? Kimberly offers you guidance and a
 resource list. I told you it was packed, in fact all in 118 easy to read pages. 

It has been a long time since a homeschool resource has really gotten to my heart, to the heart of the matter.
After sixteen years of living and teaching a discipleship lifestyle in our own minstry, home and homeschool, 
I found myself once again challenged. God is declaring new things and revealing matters to us as we do this study. I found the book to be a spark of renewal and resolve to continue the race, ever the more determined. In times such as these, we need women and men like Mrs. Kimberly Williams who are not afraid to get to the point of the matter, to reveal the heart, and challenge the mind to strengthen the Christian home. I highly recommend this book! "Go forth and make disciples of all men!", said our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

You can purchase "Home Discipleship" from , or on Amazon. Order from the website and you will see a coupon code for 20% off the current price. 

~  There is Hope in growth, Becky Petrocelli