Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers! I am learning how to blog on a tablet  as I often have to be  reclined, sitting, or in bed due to my body's attack on itself. We shall see how this goes. I am so very excited to have a way to return here. I am even more excited for our new year here at There Is Hope! For example, on Wednesday we will return to having our Wild Wednesday posts but for all seasons now. On Friday's I will be sharing Fashion Forward Friday's! If you follow me on Pinterest you will see my passion for fashion. However,  my posts twice a month here on the blog,  will be fashion for patients dealing with medicines that cause weight gain, like prednisone (grrrr), and patients in wheelchairs. You'll read what I have found works or does not, from first hand experience. Saturday's we will share our Weekly Wrap-up and a new joint prayer project I have the honor of being a part of. You will also still find Reviews and Christian  Homechool tips. You'll still read of our families journies. I think you will find something helpful or encouraging. My prayer is that you leave blessed.-Becky