Where To Start

Where to start? 

God's word is a good place to start. It is the place to start to make you family, your life, your 'world' ALL that it should be. Yes, even today thousands of years later. See Psalm 128 

In Psalm 128, the psalmist is sharing that a good family life is a reward for following God. Is your home heavenly or hectic? Maybe both at times if we be real about it. With His love and word, we can find peace in all the times. We can find the answers to our questions and our problems. We are reminded that God is the true head of the home. The word of God instructs us in values like service, honesty, love, integrity, and prayer. These values applied to life help us in all relationships. They are valuable to teach to our children, so that they may have peace, blessings, and a future good family home of their own.  God will reward your devotion to him with inner peace and love.

 Why do you think, that often, as his children we will readily accept his love for others but not for ourselves? Why do we struggle with the belief that He loves us equally, radically, completely, and unfailing? 

It is my prayer that my family will become so washed in the magnitude of His love . I pray we will be so full of God that we achieve such dynamic dimensions of 'being' that we reflect the boundlessness of God the Almighty!

*This is the first of a series of blogs on living as a Homemaker with Purpose.



Heidi Strawser said…
Excellent post, Becky! I needed this today. :) Glad you are back to blogging - your blog looks great.
Becky said…
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