Hi Ya'll! 

Welcome back followers, friends, and myself. 

Months ago I set Nov the first as the day  I would return to this blog. and to sharing daily on the web through every way God enabled me. He is faithful!

We have a new layout and design planned but it was not ready to launch with us today and has been postponed to Dec. at the earliest. I have a 'pro' working on it and I know it will be awesome. I had to laugh as the whole scenario sounded a bit to familiar these days (as with the Govt Affordable Care Act). 

So where am I sharing and what, you ask? I will be sharing here and on another blog set to launch in the beginning of the new year. I also share on Pinterest almost daily, everything from Holidays, Recipes, Homeschool tips, and Fashion Tips gleaned from my past. You'll also find a few of my favorite things there. On Facebook, visit us at There Is Hope Blog fan page where I will also be sharing tidbits of hope and wisdom daily. You will note I use 'us' from time to time. This is because our ever growing ministry and family will also be sharing with you. 

Here at There Is Hope Blog we hope to share just that -HOPE. We will share from our journey with  progressive chronic illness, ministry, homeschooling from cradle to graduation, having grown children, and becoming grandparents. We will share reviews of products and books from time to time. We look forward to sharing our own Unit Studies with you in the future. The possibilities are endless. So raise a glass of your favorite beverage (here it is Southern Tea or Coke) we made it to the goal line! Now onto future races (goals) , new paths, and a whole lot of faith, hope and love!

Thankful for YOU,