There Is Hope Blog Update

 Hi ya all! Are you prepping for summer or just trying to keep your eye on that finish line of the school year? I know there has not been many reasons to visit here over the past year or two. Seasons in life. Changes in life. Road blocks, falls, and victories! Still loving living in the Far South! Loving the warm weather and green outside. A grandson just turned six months, and serves as a reminder of how fast children grow up. Enjoy every day. Celebrate the little and the big things! Sometimes, just pull out the china and eat by candlelight, just because you are worth it. As I journey on a road of a progressive disease, we as a family have learned to make the most of every moment. Realize the value of each heartbeat, every breath, and every decision. Never take anything for granted! These are truths we want to pass on to you. I have been unable to share here but will as I can. I pray that even if it is only spammers that visit, maybe, just maybe, one person's life will be changed. There Is Hope Blog will stay open and up for now. My daughter and I plan to share views from two viewpoints as we walk a new section of the health journey. We also plan to share views on Homeschool and Family life from an older and younger perspective. I hope that if you visit, you find something that helps you. In return, help someone, anyone, anyway you can. We are all in this together! Remember, always remember, we have HOPE!