This Is My Story

Hello Blogger World!
It has been a bit since my last visit. However, I know several have visited from over at Tabers Truths. I had a chance to share m story over there thanks to Mr. Taber and a co-blogger friend who often writes for the site. So far the first two posts of four have gone live. If you have not seen them yet, you can visit Part One at this link. Part two can be read right here at this link! It is my humble prayer that you are encouraged and find HOPE as you read these. Part three will soon be available, Lord willing. I recently suffered another setback which is taking a long time to recover from. Each time there is progression, I have to find the will within me, and hold on to Hope and faith, to press on and overcome whatever skill has been lost, whatever damage has been done. I ask you remember us in prayer. I have so very much I want to share here, as always.Stacks of posts on paper. Maybe one day, someone will be able to type them and share them here for those who need to hear the truth - THERE IS HOPE! John 3:16 God Bless, Becky