Seeking him daily, and sharing it here with you as part of the "40 Days of Seeking Him" sponsored by "A Day by Day In Our World" and "A House Upon the Rock". Week One came and went before I even realized it! Our calendar is always full in November and December, but especially more so this year. Much of our time is spent at the Church (Building/Campus), and with our Church Family, as my husband serves them full time as Director of Ministries. However, that is not the only reason. We do so because we are seeking Him, and because we want to offer our worship to the King. During week one, we are preparing the House of God for worship and to welcome the Baby Jesus. We are ministering to others, extending the hand of God, sharing food, clothing, counseling, care, prayer and more. We hold hands weekly and commit to serve Him together, hand in hand, as children of the most High God. We are preparing our hearts, as we celebrate Advent, as a Church Family and at home. We offer much in worship and praise. We, as a couple, are being stretched and grown by Him as we work with the youth of our church/city. They are blessing us in ways they do not even realize. We see God's grace and mercy as these young people teach us, as we humbly try and lead them. He, the Christ Child, our Risen Savior, is the reason for it all. Busy, yes, but busy being about our Father's business. For the chance to be so, we are most thankful.
"And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jer. 29:13
I have been studying in a book called "All of the Women of the Bible" by Edith Deen. As I read and learn from these amazing women in History, I reflect inward and evaluate myself. I pray and ask my Christ to help me see myself in a way He does. This book is a wonderful resource and will help you to better visualize these women and what God did in their lives, remembering what He has already done in yours. Imagining what He shall do in the days to come...


Sometimes, it seems in the middle of life we can get caught in the busy and forget Him. Especially, this time of year.

Yet, when we slow down and join with others, and focus on loving others by meeting their needs, some how our troubles disappear and we can see Him more clearly.

Thank you for sharing the things you are learning and doing. Sounds like it has been a wonderful first week.

Laura O in AK said…

If it makes you feel any better, I am so behind on writing all that is on my heart to write for both this meme and others. And, so many 'little' or not so little life events have me skipping all the great Advent things I wanted to do as a family.