Mid-Life/ Chaos, Change and Colors

Chaos..... Change.... Colors.... .....call it middle age.... Inching ever so close to that mid-forty spot, I recently have found myself turning 43 and flipping over! Yes, my husband says we are living our mid-life crisis, and at least we are doing it TOGETHER! It started with a bit of chaos as we heard our God say..."It is time!"

 Time...something you feel short of, out of control of. Time...time for us to leap out on FAITH just as we were feeling fate was being unkind. WE ...a family, took our faith step and went back to ministering full time, without the cushion of a full time secular commission job. Years of dreaming and discussing our wish to return, drifted out of mind, as we realized the sacrifices such a step would take. However, "NO" was NOT in our vocabulary.

 Another move, to another house, to make a home. New days, new nights, new home, new life, new awakening and new HOPE all brought on by chaos. Chaos...is turning into clarity. Change...is bringing care and courage.

  By the way, this mid-life crisis/courageous life we are living also involved us accepting the fact that our oldest was married. Oh, and not just married but expecting our first Grandchild this Fall, a week after celebrating her first anniversary. WE...we are now "Expecting Grandparents". We have HOPE for a bright future for our daughter, son n'law and their family. Chaos...slowly turning into clarity and cheer! Change...brings care, courage and children!

  Tonight, I listen to my teenage son talking to his friends. My husband, returns having had a great time with young people (High School and College). He is starting a new band to minister to our community, through Contemporary Christian Music, at a new Contemporary service. He just sopped me in the middle of my writing to you, to share with me about his amazing night! We had prayed before he went because honestly, well, we feel old. Laugh if you must, but we do. We knew though that in our hearts, we love to PRAISE and we love the young people of our area. In fact, part of my husband's new position is to lead the Youth Group. They are teaching us a lot (big smile). They are bringing us new experiences, and what a joy to lead our son in that group. What a joy to be able to serve full-time right at the church where my husband has served part-time for the past six years. New experiences in our ministry, our ministry at this church, in this community, and new experiences in our lives and souls. New experiences are all part of mid-life! Chaos...can bring clarity, cheer, and character. Change...can bring care, courage, children, communication, and companionship, among many, many other things.

 The colors ... colors of mid-life, you ask? Chaos, change and colors are all part of the mid-life journey. You'll see them in the colorful characters you meet, colors in your hair and on your body...eeewwww... and a colorful complete life! ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!!! There Is Hope, Rebekah


BARBIE said…
Hello! I recently found your blog through the Circle of Moms homeschool blogs. I just began homeschooling my 12yo daughter (7th grade) and I work full time! My oldest daughter got married in June. No grandbabies yet. I have an 18yo son, and also a 9yo son (besdies our 12yo daughter). Life is busy. I like your blog and hope you don't mind if I follow along in your journey.
BARBIE said…
New follower here. I am 46 and have been dealing with "mid-life" issues since I was 37 it seems. I enjoyed this post.
Grapevine Di said…
Love reading the thoughts about mid-life from someone else who is there. The season have changed and I can say I am enjoying this one too! Thank you for the reminder that change is good and to enjoy the journey - even a midlife!