Food For Fingers

I am responding to a question on Circle of Moms. It was asked, "What is a Finger Food Your Kids Love?" I shared our Finger Food Memories below. Enjoy! Share with me what is one your kids love?
Anything I can have on hand for those hands. Constants have been "Goldfish" Crackers, Crackers and Cheese , Mini Tacos, Pizza Rolls, Chicken Nuggets and any cold finger dessert (ex: Ice Cream Sandwich). You may cringe at these ideas, but I assure you there are ways to make them healthier. Also, with balance, it can be a fun part of their daily intake. Our son has remained healthy and active despite his love for finger foods and several small meals throughout the day. He is on too something! Paper Towels are a must, so be sure and keep them on hand. Be ready for finger prints everywhere. Just smile and wipe them up, for they come from the joy of giving food for the health of your family. Visit our fun life, as we embrace each day at
(Picture is from a party for our son n'law. He asked for Finger Foods from guests.)