Build a Home Notebook for You or Someone Else

I recently created a notebook for my daughter who is married and expecting her first child. she and her husband are in transition as he just graduated from college. The notebook contains recipes, notes she and I had taken over her teen years, magazine articles we had saved, etc... all dealing with home and family. At the front I included this list of great websites to pull ideas and free printables from. She suggested I share it with you. Sites for printable forms and inspiration, these may help you in setting up your new home: ~ Desiring Virtue – A great blog for encouragement but she also has wonderful free helps like her “Plan of Attack” which helps you manage the day to day of running a home. ~ Visit the divas at Dating Divas for great conversation, tips, encouragement, and fun from a godly married group of ladies that focus on the spice in marriage and home. They have fun things to print like candy grams for hubby, etc… they offer freebies often. Sign up for newsletter! ~ Of course a favorite of mine for both a home notebook and a homeschool notebook is at Donna Young's Blog. She has a great schedule that you can alter to make your own. It guides you through what she be done daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. A huge help to me to remember to flip the mattress, check the filters and such! (smile) ~ You will adore the graphics at Creative Mama . I adored her yearly calendar that I print and use on the fridge. It has nice size blocks so I can list the events of each day. You will find a lot of inspiration here. ~ Another site I found a good daily check-list at was from Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience. Bookmark this site for daily encouragement and inspiration! She also has a valuable e-newsletter. Another gem I received from this site was a download for a "Year of Graces Calendar". I print each month as we go. Her photography is inspirational! The form has you daily list the grace you have received. This helps in staying positive and thankful. ~ Money Saving Mom claims to help you be a better Home Economist. They have free prints as well. I downloaded a menu planner that is quite helpful. It has several different styles and holds a variety for you to choose a week, three weeks, etc… ~For free printable planner forms, calendars and checklists one of the most valuable sites with the most choices is Organized Home.For example: I downloaded both freezer and pantry checklists for my home notebook. I printed and put some in this notebook for you (addressed to my daughter).


Mrs. White said…
This is a wonderful idea! I love it!

Glad to hear you are doing well!

Mrs. White
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