Where Have I Been?

I have been a little quiet and not very focused on the blog this year. This really saddens me as each year I have such high hopes of want I want to build this blog into. REKINDLE is our theme this year, and it has been very timely in my life. I daily need to rekindle just to get out of bed and live another day with Dysautonomia.

I hope you will keep checking in here and see what God does, even if it is a few weeks in between posts. I am changing my 'daily' goal to a 'weekly' goal, and we will see if I make that or not. I have stacks of things to share with other Mothers and Sisters in Christ. I am certain that even between appointments, surgical tests, and hospitalizations, that God will give me a rekindled voice here at There Is Hope!

Where I have been? The hospital, and daily fighting at home. I am not comfortable here sharing all the gory details of living, I like to share the bright sides! (smile) So, let's just pray for one another and focus on this verse today:

"The Lord is close to everyone who prays to him, to all who truly pray to him."
(Psalm 145:18)

I sometimes go to a wonderful daily devotional by Max Lucado called, "Grace For the Moment". I read it through during one very hard year. I go back because of the uplifting messages and hope found within.
He shares this:
*Healing begins when we do something.
*God's help is always near and always available.
*Nothing results from apathy.
*God honors radical, risk-taking faith.

Friends, I am not giving up hope! We are not alone. We are deeply loved. As long as we are here, He has work for us to do. Will you rekindle the radical, risk-taking faith and fire in your soul this year? Just think what we could accomplish and overcome!