Freebies For a More Prudent Lifestyle

While so many of you are snowed in, and while we start to freeze here in Central Florida, why not take some time to research and begin living a more prudent lifestyle? You have to start somewhere and at sometime. This weekend seems perfect!

Below are a few freebie sites to help you along your journey and provide you with a few tools as you plan how YOU will implement a prudent life.

Prudent: marked by wisdom, shrewd, frugal and discreet

* Money Savings Mom had a great article back in Jan. giving six links for being more organized in the home! I found many helpful tools for my toolbelt!

*Looking for a way to create a better budget and cut expenses? Once again I turned to Money Saving Mom and am working my way to a better grocery budget! Check out their "31 Days to a better Budget" Series. Here you will find tips, links and free downloads!

31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget

*How about joining in on a challenge at Home Storage Solutions? They have a challenge going on called "52 Weeks To An Organized Home", breaking down the task into manageable weekly goals. For example: This week's goal was to set up a recycling center. They also had a post on dealing with trash. Now, I tend to get motivated and go in spurts when it comes to trying something new and updating our homelife. I therefore scan the list of ideas and do what is possible (shhh...) I am just to impatient to take a whole year! P.S. You can also find great printables at this site and many other ideas!

Well, we will stop there this week. There is plenty above to get you started. More next week as we learn to live a more prudent lifestyle! God bless!