Star Wars In the Homeschool?

Do you have a Star Wars fanatic or two in your home like me?

Are you aware that "Star Wars Episode One - Phantom Menace" is being re-released
in 3D this weekend? We are planning on seeing this in the theater as one of our son's Birthday activities. I thought it would be fun to interweave some Star Wars into our daily lessons. I found some neat ideas and thought I would share them with you as I cannot use all of them myself. I am including the age range or grade levels.

*From "Lucas Learning", for K-2, "The Yoda Challenge" includes four suggested activities and is built around Critical Thinking.

*From "Learning To Give", this Character Building Lesson Plan is for 8th graders. I think it could be used with any middle schooler. Subjects covered include Language Arts, Social Studies, and Philanthropy. The Unit contains five lessons. We plan to use this one in our studies next week.

*Lastly, Alissa Moy BellaOnline's Homeschooling Editor, shared this Language Arts Lesson Plan. It is one week of an eight week thematic plan. If anyone knows where one can find a full eight week unit, let me know. Or maybe one of you could write one! Alissa's ideas for discussing the 'Epic Hero Cycle' are creative and I think we will include this idea in our studies as well. She shares how to adapt the lesson for any child say grade 4 and above.

Hope this sparks some of you to look at weaving some "Star Wars" into your Language Arts classes with your sons. What a wonderful way to engage them in this subject! As Alissa suggested, you just might want to bring along your own lightsaber!


Mary said…
Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!
Jenny said…
These ARE the links I was looking for. Thanks!