Celebrating Dr. Seuss Unit from TIH

Dr. Seuss would be celebrating his 108th Birthday on Friday!

With the release of "THE LORAX" on the same day, in theaters, we thought it would be fun to create a unit study around this delightful author and the messages of the Lorax. Enjoy this freebie we put together, just here in blog post form (for now). Be sure and visit the sites shared. We hope you have fun, learn together and make wonderful memories!

Below are links and ideas to either celebrate one day - March 2nd, or to build a week or more of plans as March 2nd as the kick-off. If you are using this unit later, then still have a fun kick-off day and go from there. We will be posting Part Two of this Unit within a few days which focuses on the "The Lorax", in movie theaters this March. We then plan to release our version that played out of this month long focus.

March 2 / Day One: Celebrating Theodore Geisel, the release of "The Lorax", and the Kick-off for National Reading Month:

Today is Mr. Geisel's Birthday! (If not starting on March 2nd. just share that this year he would have been 108 years old on March 2nd.) He would grow and become a delightful Author. March 2, 2012 is also the kick-off for Read Across America Month! Pick and choose activities listed below, and shared in links, to celebrate this very special Friday!

* Young one's might not grasp the number 108. Help them by counting out buttons, coins, or cereal or other small item, counting 108 pieces laid out. Also, have them locate March 2nd on a calendar.

* Homeschool Share is one of my favorite sites that we have used throughout our 14 years of homeschooling. Once again they deliver with delightful and bright printables for the pre-school/elementary student! Visit their site for bright an colorful printables and lesson plans prepared by Candace Crabtree, Ami Brainerd, Michelle Light,a nd Linda Mabe. Homeschool Share - Dr. Seuss Free Lesson Plans

*For elementary student's here is a link to a week long language arts study titled: Meeting and Reading Dr. Seuss. This lesson plan covers Reading and Writing, and introduces the young child to Dr. Seuss. This link is courtesy of teacher.net.

* Read Across America Day is also March 2nd and is the kick-off to National Reading Month - if nothing else, read a Dr. Seuss book together as a family. Bright Hub shares links for all kinds of lesson plans for various levels that go along with the theme of this special Friday, March 2, 2012. You may want to choose ideas from here to do over the coming week. You could add to that by eating a Dr. Seuss inspired meal like Green Eggs and Ham! IHop has a special promotion going with such fun meal ideas and hopes to plant 3 million trees. Visit their site for information.

*Older student's: Here is a 10th grade honors level literature study from teachers.net titled "Allegory and Dr. Seuss". Taking a more in depth look and a look at his more deeper messaged books, the students will learn about allegory in lit, and more about the man behind the writing. A timeline of his life is included. This is a week long study.

* A to Z Teacher Stuff has enough Dr. Seuss information and links to create a whole year worth of study, so be prepared to be a little overwhelmed. I would say for just planning one day -March 2nd - pick one activity. Want to plan a week worth of lessons based off the kick-off day? Then choose a week long study or create your own by picking and choosing ideas you like from the various given. It is really simple to create your own plan. Check this site out if you are ready for some FUN while learning! For older students there is fun and age level suggestions. I like the book guides in pdf.

* How about a neat art project for this day or week long study? This article from eHow shares a few simple ideas, and we plan to do the collage activity.

*This article from the eHow site shares ideas centered around the Birthday celebration and gives ideas for active activities for all ages. This one gives project ideas -very cool! It even gives the idea of throwing a Seuss Party! I think we might do this as a wrap up activity to our literature month long study, on a middle-school age level. I am a little sad I don't have a little one to do some of these fun activities, projects and learning ideas with! Gathering ideas for the future grand kids though.

* Lastly, another simple idea: together visit "Seussville", a delightful spot on the internet, enjoy a fruit shake and just remember the fun of Seuss!

I know some of you might have preferred I picked a project from each sight and laid out the plan subject from subject. Well, what might work for us may not for you. I just want to spark your enthusiasm and get you started on a learning journey. I will eventually share such a plan but we are using this time to experiment. I do not want you missing out on such a fun month of this year!

Some house-keeping:
This unit plan is authored by Rebekah Petrocelli (Becky). I ask that you DO share but be sure and link back to me, giving me credit, etc... Come on, would you want your ideas and hard work/time taken, to be shared with someone else's name attached?

Links change! I cannot control this. At this time, all the above sites were working and safe, without unwanted what I call 'bad' advertising. Always check out sites before sending your child to them.

I have not received anything for sharing these links and are not affiliated with any of them. I simply share to spark your journey towards some fun and important learning. Best wishes!