Most of you know by now that every year I post some kind of a challenge. Last year, the goal was to live more abundantly. This year I was challenged by reading several blog posts that urged readers to pick just ONE word for the New Year, A word that would describe their focus and be their 'resolution'. I thought this idea to be marvelous as I for one seem to always create some long list of all I hope to accomplish. Let me expand on that. Not just the resolution list, but a whole notebook of ideas, bucket lists and such. The idea of choosing one word to unite all my notes, dreams, and hopes of the New Year seemed just the right remedy for my chaotic notebook and organization. I began to pray about 'My 2012 Word'. Immediately, I heard "RENEW", "REFRESH" - in other words child, "REKINDLE" all that you are in Me.

A new fire was IGNITED!

I urge each of you to seek out your own word for this year. I do hope, however, that you will also visit us each week to see how I am doing with my own challenge. The idea is to REKINDLE my relationship with my Lord and Saviour. Not that I was away, but that is always a growth journey in a relationship. I want to stir up the love for Him! He also commanded me to use the word as my focus with each passion in my life. In other words, it is a time for action! It is a time to grow and stir up the talents and passions He has planted in me. It is time to grow and stir up the friendships and relationships in my life, taking them to a new level. I see it as a call that if something is going to take time away from God then it better be worth it, and I need to let go and let God stir within me to rekindle those callings out of a rut, out of survival mode, into a time of passion and action! I am going to REKINDLE my HOPE, my JOY, my FAITH, and every blessing and calling upon my life! Would you like to join me?

We will share our family journey with you weekly in hopes that you too REKINDLE all the good things in your life, and most of all, your walk with Jesus Christ. Join us here and on our FB Fan Page for prayers, real life stories, encouragement, discussions, and sometimes we may even have you share your own links.Weekly I will share a call to action for all of us who are ready to REKINDLE the love, faith and joy in our lives! It is time to renew and refresh my friend. We have a blessed hope waiting for us, may we get ready and prepared to meet our Bridegroom.