REKINDLE 2012 - Valentine's, Love and the Super Bowl

With minds and hearts turning towards Valentine's Day, I thought we would take today's REKINDLE post to share my favorite idea stop for rekindling romance and love, not to forget all the wonderful ideas for Valentine's Day! Be sure and visit the "Dating Divas" and sign up for the newsletter. You will receive some freebies if you do! Just today I got a member exclusive download for Valentine's Day. Enjoy! Rekindle the intimacy and romance in your marriage, gather great ideas to spread love daily. Love is a great spark in the renewing of your soul, setting your spirit on fire!

By the way, before our men's hearts turn towards Valentine's, the Super Bowl is first. Dating Diva's had a guest blogger who shares great ideas for joining in on the fun and making the Super Bowl night, a date to remember.

John 15:17 These things I command you, that ye love one another.