REKINDLE 2012 - Finish Well!

My dear friend, Meredith Curtis, has allowed me to pass on this information to you. This conference is a perfect way to kick-off the challenge we have here at There Is Hope - REKINDLE 2012! Pray and see if this might be the perfect event to help you rekindle your passion for God, your family and your Homeschool future! Finish the race well!

The beginning of the year is a great time to be encouraged and equipped in your relationship with Jesus, your family, and homeschooling. We have another Finish Well Conference coming up very soon: February 24-25 in Sanford, FL at Safeharbor Church. Please pray about joining us for this inspiring weekend.

You can download a registration form at the website.

This Homeschooling High School Conference is for teens and parents. We are kicking off with AIRSOFT!

We have a great line up of Speakers:

Coach Rick Andreassen
Felice Gerwitz
Marti Pieper
Pastor Mike Curtis
Meredith Curtis
Laura Nolette
Sarah Jeffords
Katie Beth Curtis
Julianna Curtis
Mike Jeffords
and More!

To read more about our speakers, visit our website:

Here are some of the workshops & sessions at the conference:
Finish Strong!
Total Access Relationships
College Success
Going to College Debt-Free
Bass Workshop
Preparing for the Military
Total Access Home
Vocal Workshop
Ministering to the Heart of a Parent
Dealing with Rebellion
Dating, Courtship, Marriage
Homeschooling with Proverbs
I've Got Issues: Help for the Hurting Homeschooler
Families & Teens in Politics
Helping Your Children Follow Their Dreams
And more!

To read more about these and other sessions, visit the website.