Freebie Friday - Middle School and beyond

Having a Kinesthetic student (our boy) I have become creative in my lesson planning. Gone are the days of having a book list a mile long for the librarian to pull for our daughter. Below I share some of our favorite sites for bringing our lessons 'alive', as my son puts it. Maybe you will find a few great resources for your family too. All families can enjoy these, not just homeschoolers.

In no particular order:
Fun With History - a large amount videos to supplement a History program. Activities are also available. We use this one several times a week. There is a large amount of historical footage to access.

Animated Atlas and Animated Timeline - the videos and timeline are bright, colorful and engaging. These have greatly helped us with Geography and creating our own timeline. - Retro videos! The site says, "A new way to learn with our 'old school' educational films." Again, at the end of a lesson and the reading of a text, we find it very helpful to watch a related video from this site. It seems to bring the lesson to life and help to cement it into our child's foundation.

MIT Blossoms - A MIT teacher for your child? YES! Here you can find teacher led videos to explain topics for middle school/ high school level in Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. These videos are from Blossom Partners from around the globe. The videos include teachers from MIT and other institutions from around the world. I watch with my son so I am aware of what is being taught and so we can discuss it. So far what we have watched, have the student pause the video to carry out the same problem or activity that is being done. I therefore urge you to view the video first so you know what materials are needed. Use the available Teacher Guide for each video! This is excellent and we plan to use it throughout the rest of our son's education.

Brightstorm - visit this textbook supplement site for some more helps when teaching and/or for your child's homework. Free unlimited answers to questions, and many teaching/educational videos for most subjects are available. We are scheduled to use this site for help on building on Math lessons this year. This is another one I will keep bookmarked throughout my son's education. Affordable Test Prep is also available from this site.

Lastly today, Khan Academy - as their site puts so well - "WATCH. PRACTICE. LEARN almost anything for free!" They boast a library of over 2,700 videos and 276 practice exercises. Relevant instruction for your middle/high school student. Again, one I am bookmarking for the long-term. We have this site scheduled for explaining many upcoming lessons this year.

I hope this list sparks you to continue to make your learning lifestyle engaging, interactive and fun throughout your child's full school career. Learning can be fun and engaging at any age! Recently, a local woman turning 107 asked to be taught to ice skate and go on the ice just once. She did, and said, "This was my first and last time!" Then she laughed with glee. She mentioned that you are never too old to learn and try new things, to live without dreams. A good lesson for living long, enjoying life and always learning!