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I was there last year. We had no budget really. To add it to it, my daughter's boyfriend, who was courting her, was going to be with us. I felt so ashamed. I really beat myself up. He however, helped me to step back, breathe and see the beauty of the celebration itself. Recently, my thirteen year old son shared that last Christmas was one of his favorites, if not THE favorite! This Christmas, when we had to scramble eggs and make some microwave bacon moments before heading to Christmas Eve service? This Christmas, where many gifts were things we owned and were giving away to each other? This was my son's favorite? How could this be?

My point, several online friends have voiced there hurt and fear about this 2011 season. I know what you are feeling. I know those fears. I know the way you batter yourself because you feel like you are not measuring up. I understand that jealousy and covetness can creep in, even anger. I hear you. I feel you. So does your God.
Let Him guide you to frugal and resourceful ways you can share His love this Christmas.

Now I will share a few ideas and links that may spark an idea for you:

First, I want to mention that there are many blogs and companies doing giveaways. This is a way to earn some free gifts for loved ones. I just won a WWII video the other day for my son and husband.

I also have found some great DIY sites and shared those with my newly married daughter. She has made so many beautiful gifts and Holiday decor from things she had on hand. Ex: she took a coat hanger and an old book and made a very hip/retro wreath that she hung on her wall. She then had an old frame and put that around the wreath. It looks amazing and she did not spend a penny!

This Craft Site has a daily newsletter and what seems an endless amount of ideas!

Once again, here is the link for free schedules and information about ?Holiday programming. You can make these very special by watching as a family. Have holiday snacks and treats you have made. Make some Hot Chocolate and add a candy cane and some marshmallows to everyone's liking. Maybe everyone could watch in their pj's and snuggle inside sleeping bags. The ideas are endless. We often will do something special together while watching a holiday program, each evening before devotion time. This has become a treasured tradition that even Daddy looks forward too. Our daughter who is now married mentioned how she misses not being here to do this with us. some nights she calls and checks in during a show in order to feel closer.

How about mixing up a great snack mix? these usually begin with Chex cereal. Here is the site to many recipes from Chex!

Look for free events in your hometown or county. Look for Church's offering free concerts and plays. These bring alive the reason for the season! Also look online for free activities you can do as a family. Here is a link my children loved to visit when they were younger: North Pole

With prayer and creativity you can still celebrate the season. Yes, it will look different than years past, but it might just turn out to be the best Christmas ever! If you want more links or have questions, feel free to contact me.
Also be sure and see free links I shared in the posts on Advent. May you have a blessed and festive season, a holy season, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and His amazing Love that came down. Embrace love and hope this Holiday season, and it will be the best you ever had!


Lisa said…
Glad you enjoyed the WWII giveaway ;-)