Our Advent - Week One

We have been celebrating the Advent season since Sunday when our church kicked off the season. Candles were lit as a reading was done, and there was special music and a special sermon. We have a church wide prayer and scripture guide for each day of the week. This week we were focusing on being "Proclaimers". The prayers challenged our son and I. My husband challenged his choir to be more aware of those around them that may be hurting this holiday season and just need someone to take some time for them. My son and I discussed ways we could proclaim God's love and message of hope more. We discussed ways we already do, like through the blog, openly sharing with those who visit our home for any reason, talking with people as we wait in lines, etc...

We also began opening the doors on our Advent Calenders. We have two this year. One is an old embellished paper calender from my childhood. Each door of the jolly winter scene opens to share scriptures from Jesus' birth. Our son reads these aloud to us. The other was bought in Germany at Epcot this year. It is a traditional German Advent Calender with the nativity scene. Behind each door is a chocolate surprise. The young lady who checked us out looked very much like me at 20 and made my husband chuckle. I didn't quite catch it till I later looked at a picture in the hall of me at that age, at home. Anyway, we enjoy these little traditions and the anticipation they ignite.

Another part of our Advent Journey, has been using Ann Voskamp's "A Jesus Advent Celebration" which she has been offering as a free download at her site, "A Holy Experience". This study is a Jesse Tree study. Ms. Voskamp does wonderful bringing the message to life, and using words to ignite the soul. We have literally met with Jesus each day for a few quiet moments in the hustle and bustle these short days bring. Today all got quiet as our son sang "Away in a Manger". I got chills as I could feel the saviour's delight in this thirteen year old's passionate heart and gift of worship, at this moment. It felt like heaven came down to our little school room. We have looked at how life began as a love story, and continues to be one. We were challenged to create something out of love. Our son is making Mama an ornament.
I baked my husband's favorite cookies and had them waiting hot for him has he came home from work. We were reminded that everyday God is with us and often is whispering, "Where are you?" I could tell this was getting to my son's soul as he thought about God always being with him, Jesus enveloping him, literally wearing Jesus! That is empowering and humbling all at the same time. Today we were reminded that we are saved! We read the story of Noah. We thought about the rain being the tears of our King, our Creator, our Saviour. We thought about the rainbow being a visual picture of God's love, as if that rainbow stretching across the sky is God's arms reaching out to hug us, to rescue us. These are powerful lessons! Nothing is more important to learn.

Our challenge for today was to do something that would please God. Once again our son, rises to the challenge, or I should say had rose. He had already accomplished this, as he worked hard and diligently on the house today helping me. Never a complaint, only "Yes Mam", and doing the job till it was done right. This included doing some work that had been designated for his Dad. Last night, he told Dad, "I got it. I will do it tomorrow for Mom. Don't worry about it. You've been working hard." Sure enough this afternoon, that boy carried up the stairs six large boxes and placed them in the right rooms for when I can get myself up there. remember, with my illness, going up stairs has a huge negative effect on not only my heart
but my whole body. I only go up when I stay up there for hours and get everything done in one sweep. In between my times, the boys do their best. Getting these Christmas boxes back up to storage and other boxes of decorations for the rooms upstairs was an important job that I needed someone to do. these boxes were crowding the hallway and were a hazard. Our son's willingness to help without being asked, obeying us and respecting us pleases God! I asked Anthony to stop and think about the fact that the Creator of all things had stopped for a moment and watched what Anthony was doing, and He was delighted, smiling like a proud Daddy. now, that is beautiful! That brings me the joy of the season!

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I stopped in last week after you posted, but never finished reading or commenting.

We do a Jesse Tree also. This year our tree looks very different since all my Christmas stuff is in a storage unit, but the point and spirit of why we do it is so much more important.

So glad to have you joining us as we seek Him this season. Can't wait to read more about what your family is doing.