A Moment of Laughter During Advent

So as many of our friends and family we celebrate and make the journey of Advent each year. We had always done so in church but started making it a part of home and homeschool about four years ago. Each year brings us closer to Jesus and helps us in our spiritual growth. It also tends to lead to some great family moments.

This year we had one of laughter! I just had to share it with you. Each year I hide our baby Jesus' (yes, we have more than one stable) during Advent Season. This is a tangible way to represent our 'search' for the babe. It is a tangible way of representing the journey, the growth that always occurs during this season for us.

Well, Mom hid the babies too well. Yes, we could not find the Baby Jesus this year despite our hard efforts and what seemed a long journey. None of us reached the manger. Now granted, this led to some good discussion and lessons but still, I felt just awful! My son seeing how forlorn I was, said, "Mom, it's ok. We have Him always in our hearts!" "Ok, son you so get it all but this is serious I HAVE to find those babies before Eve Service!", I replied. As he helped me look on Christmas Eve we could not help but laugh. Still, my heart continued to be heavy. Things just were not right! I kept searching and thinking. I had called my Mother in Kentucky crying, "Mom, I lost Baby Jesus! Three of them!" She lost it laughing. Dad walks in and asks, "What in the world?" "Becky lost Baby Jesus, three of them." Dad, who was a Pastor for over forty years, laughs! I was appalled but started laughing too. Then my dear Mother gets serious and of all things, repeats what my son had already told me. I know people! I know, but still - I MUST find Baby Jesus! I was relentless in my pursuit.

I began thinking about it and wandered if we are as relentless in seeking Him daily? Do we let others laughter, fun, or the busyness of the day, keep us from seeking Him? Are we as heartbroken at the end of the day when we realize we never stopped to talk with Him, to listen to Him, to read the 'blog' He wrote (His word)? Are we as heartbroken when we cannot tangibly feel His presence? Do we cry when we cannot see His hands in our life? Lastly, do we hide Him so deep to keep Him to ourselves so as not to lose Him? Not letting that light shine or sharing Him so all can see, does it break your heart when you realize you have done so? Whoa, God was stirring my heart and motivating me for a New Year thru this funny experience.

As I was running around the house getting ready for Christmas Eve, curlers in my hair, I took a moment to breathe and send out a message on FB. It was then I thought about needing to get off and go take out my curlers. CHRISTMAS LIGHTBULB - the bathroom! I never checked all the containers in the bathroom! In a Shaker made container , on the floor, under a chair, under the lid, laid all three replicas of my Baby Jesus! He had been found! PTL! All found with just minutes until we left for Christmas Eve Service. My heart was at peace, joy came back and I was ready to go worship the Babe in the manger, a King, come to save me and to save YOU! May you have a blessed New Year as you take time to rekindle, renew, and rejoice! We will be exloring these 3 R's in the coming year as a challenge hear at TIHope! Be blessed and share it!