Holiday TV Addict - It Is True

Hi, my name is Becky and I am addicted to Holiday TV!


It is so true. I anticipate it every year and have a calendar ready to mark down my strategy for watching, taping and viewing. We plan our meals around it. Holiday viewing is a family affair! I have my favorites, my annuals, and then I try a few new ones every now and then. Many have multiple showings, so with the right plan - bam - we can have a wonderful mix of drama and comedy, color and b&w, musicals and dance numbers, old and new, the animated and the live people....I could go on and on.
We began our hot chocolate viewing in Nov. and have not looked back. We are deep into the season now and counting down the days of Christmas with the likes of ABC Family and Hallmark, and many more. (Of course we also have our Advent Calendars and Studies as a sharp contrast as well.)

 It’s a Wonderful Movie... your Guide to Family Movies

Wait, what? Surprise - I found the gem of all gems for us holiday tv addicts - the blog site called "It's a Wonderful Movie". Oh yes, you can visit channel sites and watch the TV guide but this gal, she gives you the whole low down. Be sure and click HERE for the whole Christmas schedule! I signed up for email alerts and it keeps me right on schedule, giving me the 411.

She even has a few fun things around her site like the "Which Holiday Character Are You?" quiz. Below is my answer - I am like Linus, cheerful and angelically sweet!
 It’s a Wonderful Movie... your Guide to Family Movies

HAVE FUN with your family, find creative and free ways to enjoy this season of hope, joy and love! Merry Christmas!


Lisa said…
I remembered how you celebrated with watching Christmas specials all December long last year and was inspired to actually watch a few this year with the kids myself :-)
Becky said…
I am so glad I could inspire you and that it led to enjoying some calm time with your family! Thank you for sharing Lisa!