Freebies to Enjoy

I had offered to share a favorite freebie list back in Sept. but life circumstances kept me from seeing that offer through to fruition. I want to make good, per say.
We will start with Unit Studies and then I will post separately free resources for each subject and some other great free finds. I will do my best to post these on Friday's as many look for freebies on that day.

Guest Hollow

A new favorite place to glean ideas from is Here you can find free Units, schedules and plans for all subjects, free printables, and helpful links. I adore her graphics.

Unit Studies:

I was able to use these as a resource even into Middle School. We have gathered Units in whole or gathered information and links and created our own.

You can find many resources at Heart of Wisdom for Unit studies.

Homeschool Share
Easy Fun School
Highland Heritage Homeschool

Check out this "Star Wars" Unit from Bella Online

One place I have been gathering alot from, for my son's education, is from Simply Charlotte Mason. This is a real treasure trove if you are using the CM method in any form. Most CM families are all CM are none, but we eclectics differ on that. We have our own groove here but I find this site very helpful.

I cannot do a list of Unit Study helpful links without listing Amanda Bennett. While not a freebie site, her units are very affordable and are fantastic! We have used and reviewed several of them. If you are wanting a laid out Unit Study that is affordable, this is the number one place to go, in my opinion.

Lastly, a huge part of our homeschool lessons came and still come from links, ideas, and information gathered from Tapestry of Grace supporting links list for each year! Find the time period you are in, click that cover. It takes you to the home page of that year. Then look on the right and you will see the link for supporting links. Just about every subject is covered. I create our studies and lessons from these. Fantastic resource!!!! A real favorite!

Well these are just a few of the many free resources you will find on the net. Keep searching, hope this list helps a bit. Blessings, and have a festive week!