40 Days of Seeking Him - Advent 2011

Advent seems to be passing so quickly that we blink and nightfall is upon us again. We have had beautiful weather here in Central Florida. The holiness of God's creation
is seen and felt as soon we step outside. I have a little space where a kitchen window does not quite fit, the smells and warm air filter in. Here we have butterflies and birds singing us beautiful tunes as we are out and about. Today I watched dogs playing, a cat slithering along the alley, and squirrels wrestling and chasing each other about. We have a bush at the side of our house that vines almost two stories and is bursting with pink blooms. The Holly bushes are filled with bright red berries. While other trees are bare, and some bushes and grass brown, it seems life is bursting with color and life here on our property and around the area.

We have enjoyed these gifts from heaven during a week filled with anticipation, waiting and curiosity. We await the Messiah. We await the warmth of family. We await the giving of gifts out of love and honor of the King of King's birthday. We await with anticipation for the New Year. What will it hold? We await doctor and tests reports. Will new treatments and renewed hope be part of the new year ahead? So many questions. Such curiosity we have. We are like the cat! We, like the birds, sing praises for peace and provision sent from above this week. We, like the squirrels are scurrying about and having some fun along the way. We pray our lives burst forth with cheerfulness and that we shine bright for Jesus, like the beautiful blooms. Advent - a time to grow.


I loved reading this. It helped me stop and savor the moment.

Laura O in AK said…
I think we sometimes forget that we are given chances to grow and Advent is one of them.

Thanks for linking up to the meme. I hope you'll join us again this week.

Jennifer said…
Love you, sweet Becky. This has been a week of anticipation. Today we celebrated the birth of our Messiah. I hope you are enjoying your family this special day. Continuing to pray for you, for strength and helpful answers.
Lisa said…
Praying for all your prayers to be answered this New Year!