Time for Advent Basket

Preparing for Advent this weekend as we also finish up preps and plans for Thanksgiving week. Our church, New Horizon Church, is a Methodist congregation and we are starting the Advent Season on Sunday, Nov. 27.

Here is the schedule of services for those readers who are in Central Florida.
Advent and Christmas Worship Schedules and Locations
Sunday, November 27 – 9:30am and 11am – Davenport Campus
Sunday, December 4 – 9:30am and 11 am – Davenport Campus
Sunday December 11 – 9:30am and 11am – Haines City Campus
Sunday, December 18 – 9:30am and 11am – Haines City Campus
Saturday, December 24 – Christmas Eve Services
Five14 Emerging Worship Service – 5:14pm – Davenport Campus
Traditional Communion and Candlelight Service – 7pm – Davenport Campus
Sunday, December 25 – 11am – Haines City Campus

Our church sent daily prayer calendars to all members. We will be using this as our guide at home and as our homeschool studies over the coming weeks. I am taking a basket and dubbing it our Advent Basket. I plan to add some pretty ribbon. Inside the basket will be a Bible, our Daily Advent Prayer Calendar, our bag for collecting change(more on this in a moment), library books and videos, related worksheets, pencils, and crayons. We also will have a wreath with the candles to be lit each Sunday just as at church.

With our Prayer Sheet from church, each week will have a focus:
1. Focus: Proclaimers
2. Focus: Working Poor
3. Focus: Single Mothers
4. Focus: Faithful Fathers
5. Focus: Vulnerable Children

Each week has related scripture and focused prayers. On the last day of each week, we are instructed to reflect. Discussion questions are included. One could design your own spiritual Advent study using this as a guide. If you would like a full copy of this study, visit New Horizon Church - a Methodist Congregation for you own free copy. Please be aware we are still building this new website.

As I mentioned we will also be collecting our loose change in a special linen sack. During the season of Advent we as a church are invited to support a special mission initiative to support our food pantry and House Blest Ministries. One hundred percent of the gifts collected and given in specially marked Advent envelopes will be used in ministry with persons, that our church has covered with prayer, during this season through the purchase of food and blankets for cold winter nights. We are asked to pray and give as led. We are also asked, and so I ask you my readers, to be in prayer asking God to grow your understanding and love for our brothers and sisters in Christ during this Advent season.

I will be doing some more posts on Advent Studies and Christmas Studies, both secular and religious. Be sure and keep in touch with us!