Thanksgiving Prayers

Thanksgiving prayers for each of you. I hope today finds you well and at peace, reflecting on the many things we can still be thankful for despite a rough year.
My mother loves to send me little notes, postcards and newsletters she collects and has collected throughout her fifty plus years of ministry with my Daddy. One particular note comes from "Creative Communications for the Parish" and was copyrighted in 1996. It shares a lovely poem of Praise on the front, entitled, "Thank the Lord from A-Z". On the back it shares Thanksgiving Table Prayers for before and after the meal. It reminds us to thank the Lord for everything. It goes on to mention several vivid parts of creation like the trickle of a mountain stream and the majesty of an old-redwood tree. Thank the Lord for everyone. Remember the Queen on her throne to a babe in the cradle, it suggests, plumbers to presidents, acrobats to zookeepers, just to name a few. Thank the Lord today for every grace. His grace, made evident in covenant and promise, in prophecy and psalm, and so many other ways. Give all thanks and praise to Jesus Christ our Lord!

"We offer to to you, Creator, Redeemer, Spirit of Love - all thanks and and forever. Amen." ~ Creative Communications for the Parish, 1996

The little note then suggests that after the meal, you give a blessing "God of all grace", "Our lives are filled with blessings, even as our stomachs are filled with food..." Praise him and thank him humbly. Ask to be made fit to work for the kingdom. Ask to be enlivened by the Holy Spirit. Asked to be taught!

This lovely note for Thanksgiving, challenges the reader at the end, to create ones own litany of thanks from A-Z. I will be back later today to share what we came up!

Enjoy your special celebration, for you who live in the US. Whatever you do, how ever you celebrate, I hope you will take time to name your blessings and praise the Lord for them! For you who are from other countries, why not take a moment today with your own family, list your blessings from A-Z. It will change your focus and your heart. It is right and good to be thankful everyday.

Thanks to my mother for teaching me the joy naming my blessings, and speaking regularly with my God. I have carried this tradition on, and I hope to see my grandchildren one day do the same.


Becky said…
So I am back to give you an update! I did complete writing my A-Z blessings prayer/poem as the challenge suggested. I look forward to sharing it tomorrow. For now, I hope you and I get some rest for BIG FUN EXCITING JOYFUL days lie ahead!