Tasty Brownie Recipe

I am thrilled to join my good friend, Jennifer, over at her blog "A Glimpse of our Life". She is hostessing "Tasty Tuesday's" on the first Tuesday of each month. Here is a great way to gather up some wonderful recipes for the Holiday Season and beyond.
I am going to share an unhealthy recipe that is a Holiday favorite here at our household. Remember it is ok to treat yourself in small quantities once in awhile, as long as there is not a food allergy involved. You will find this recipe affordable and easy, while very rewarding. I forget where I first got the idea to do these but I started making them when my daughter, now twenty, was just three. They have been her holiday treat request every year since. RECIPE: Take one box of your favorite brownie mix and make according to directions. Before the brownies cool add some leftover peanut butter/chocolate from Halloween, or perhaps a new bag. We prefer the small sizes they came out with years after we began this. You put the candy pushed down into the brownie in the center. We found we liked the texture and slightly melted candy by sometimes sticking the brownies back into the cooling oven, turned off. We would leave it in for just a few minutes. This is optional though. Now many of you may have seen a similar recipe on the back of a popular candy. Yes, following that works too. Believe it - we were making this before they ever added it to their bags! We have also played around with various flavors of brownie mix. The Double Fudge Chocolate Brownie mix with the pb/chocolate candy was my favorite. Enjoy!


Jennifer said…
That sounds so yummy, I'd like to eat one tonight while working on NaNoWriMo. Thanks so much for linking up!