Stretching the Paycheck

Decided to start writing some blog posts for my recently married daughter and her friends. Hope some others gain some wisdom from them as well. I will file them under Life Matters, Marriage Matters, and or Home Matters.
Wanted to share a few of my stretching the paycheck tips:
Many stores now offer online printable coupons to use: Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Dollar General to name a few. Only down side was all the time I took cutting them out. It keeps your hands busy while watching a movie though. I have different containers for each store and file. Remember to note the expiration dates. I also always check the Walgreens and CVS weekly ad's first for good deals and coupons. I can often earn extra reward points which means extracare dollars each quarter, which always seem to come at the right time! Be aware though, it is always good to then compare your good deal list to sales at the local grocery store. Sometimes the great deal is even better somewhere else. Plus, many grocery store chains are now offering gas dollars. My own seventy-something Mother recently earned almost a full tank over time and had a blast turning in those *dollars* that did not come out of her wallet! "Like" your stores on Facebook. Sometimes there are exclusive deals located on their wall. Be sure and subscribe so you get the latest updates. You should always shop with a list. The deals you find will also help stock your pantry if you manage correctly. Often if I find a good bogo sale, we stockpile the free one and just consume the one we originally included in our menu plan. If we find for example a cleaning product at 3/2, we buy the three. I put one with my cleaning supplies and the other two go with the stockpile. For laundry detergent we found that one pharmacy in our area puts one brand at it's lowest price every four weeks. We buy four each time, and I have enough detergent to last a month or longer for $5. Watch the cycles! Plan ahead! Hope this helped a bit. Feel free to leave your own tips or any questions. May God continue to bless you as you build your home! ~Becky/ Mama P
*** This article was featured in the finance section of "The Christian Home Magazine, Issue 36" on Nov. 7, 2011. Visit the link for more great and helpful articles from Christian homes***


Annie Kate said…
Lots of good info here!

What a great idea that you're posting ideas for your daughter and other young women. :)


Annie Kate, popping by from The Christian Home
SuzBee said…
This is twice in 24 hours I've heard similar advice! I think it's time to listen! Thank you for pushing me over the do-nothin'-cliff! :-)