Review: "We Gather Together" by Hal and Melanie Young

Thanksgiving is just a week ahead. Are you looking for some recipes, ideas and easy lesson plans for the week? Possibly you are looking for old and new traditions. I have had the wonderful pleasure of reading through "We Gather Together - Sanity and Celebration at Thanksgiving" by Hal and Melanie Young. The same authors who gave the world "Raising Real Men"!

We look forward to implementing this study and many of the ideas next week. The Introduction grabs you right away asking "Why do we celebrate?", and encouraging you to "Grasp the Opportunity". The authors did a great job answering who the Pilgrims were, really, and "Why are they so important?".

As you begin taking a look through the "Readings from History and Literature", you may notice as I did, two things different about this download than some others I have received. This one uses selections from real Historical Documents and the pictures are magnificent, lending themselves to great picture studies.Through the readings the family can take a historical look at why we celebrate next Thursday.
Your family will understand the foundation of the celebration. This is important to teach so that it may be passed onto future generations and not lost. Together read the proclamations by Bradford, later Washington, and later Lincoln.

Wonderful traditions are shared throughout the study. Maybe you will find one you want to make your own. I am sure you may find even more. Traditions like "Five Kernels of Corn", "The Thanksgiving Tree" and others can be found in this rich
study.Being a Music Minister's family, we were thrilled to see traditional Thanksgiving Hymns shared as well. Do not like to sing? Several of these make great readings, or lend themselves to a poetry type presentation.

Oh yes, there is even more! The Young Family has included an entire menu for a Thanksgiving Feast with recipes included! Pictures are included too! Now anyone can take a try at a traditional Thanksgiving dish. Of course, from your readings you will know I mean modern traditions!

Oh, but it does not stop there! Also included are printable forms to plan a cooking schedule and a shopping list! The title does mention sanity, and these forms will surely help keep things organized. A suggested order of events for the great feast is then shared. I think the order flows wonderfully.Grandpa and Grandma, Aunts and Uncles will surely be impressed should you have them visiting. Here at our home, it will just be my husband and I, and our son. Other family, our daughter and her husband, are unable to attend this year. So, we are going to take the suggestions and tweak them a bit for our small gathering. We will still be including our traditions and some of these new ideas from the Young's. Yes, we are still having a full feast. Some traditions do not stop just because the crowd dwindles.

I am sure you will find this study a worthy addition to your plans for next week. Not only will your children learn while preparing for the holiday, but Mom and Dad will have some help. This downloadable E-Book is 66 pgs. and retails for $15 but is on sale at an Introductory Price of $7.50. A treasure worth far more! A fantastic Biblical Family Resource! Visit this website link for more information.

*I was given a free copy of this E-Book for my honest review.


Heidi said…
Great review, Becky - sounds like a nice resource.
Lisa said…
I may have to check this one out! We don't have a lot of our own Thanksgiving, I'm always thinking about ways to make the day extra special!