Review: Birth of Jesus by Grapevine

A perfect study for Advent Season or anytime of the year, Dianne at Grapevine studies has given us another wonderful adventure to take our children on. Our family is intertwining this study, with another that a group from church is doing.

Starting in Nazareth with the angel's announcement to Mary we chronologically will be going through the events surrounding Jesus' birth. We will come to know the people involved in the story. We will read scripture together aloud that account this miracle event. The story lessons then move on to the family's flee from Herod, and head on Egypt. Then, we head back to Nazareth. Through lessons, reading, the iconic stick figure drawing of Grapevine Studies, discussion questions and further research ideas, each family can grow deeper by digging dipper this Advent Season.
In our multi-level book, we have a map included and we will be using this regularly during the lessons.

My son at first scoffed for he is well versed on Jesus' Birth. The point however, is that we can always go further and grow more in understanding and knowledge. I look forward to seeing how God grows each of us as we do this study.

This study is good for homeschool, Bible classes, family devotions, outreach, and mid-week studies at churches. With books for all ages available, everyone can learn together at their own level. We chose the multi-level books to review, and have found it to be a good lesson for we adults and our young teen. Why not take a look and see if this might be the lesson you have been looking for! Sales are going right now at Grapevine Studies, the prices of levels varies. Our Multi-Level Teacher Guide E-book retails for $7.95 and is on sale for $6.95. The Student Book for Multi-Level retails for $5.95 and is on sale for $4.95.

Grapevine's Mission Statement clearly reflects in their products and customer service:

Our mission at Grapevine Studies is to provide believers with the tools they need to know God's Word and disciple others.

With our teaching method and Bible studies, parents and teachers can effectively disciple their children and students so that they are equipped to reach the world with the truth of the Gospel.