Gratitude: Men in My Life

Gratitude Challenge: Wow! I cannot believe it is already the first Friday of the month. Christmas will be here before we know it. I am joining with Brenda at Garden of Learning for the 2011 Gratitude Challenge. I have been sharing daily my gratitude on Facebook, and plan to get here as often as I can to share with you. Yesterday I was so thankful for my nephew. He is a teenager and gave a whole afternoon to help my elderly parents clean their gutters and rake leaves. thirteen bags were collected that afternoon! I live far away, and even if I was close my body would not have allowed me to give in such a way. I was so very thankful for this act of kindness my nephew showed his grandparents.
Today I was celebrating my gratitude for my husband. He wears many hats, works many jobs, and many hours. He is not only my provider, my protector, and all a husband should be, but also he is my caregiver. Because of my illness he has to take on a large load of what should have been my responsibilities. For many years these jobs were. My husband has taken it all on with a smile. He carries the large load with humor, love beyond words, and great character. This thankfulness did not even cover the fact how awesome of a Father he is. That will be a gratitude post for another day. I appreciate my husband! I happen to be head over heels in love with him too. We will be celebrating 23 years in 2012!


You make such a beautiful couple. So sweet.
God Bless.
Michelle Smith said…
Thanks for joining in, Becky! I agree, your husband is a special man--and you are a special woman! Praying your family has a blessed weekend of praising God for His goodness to you.
Naomi said…
Your nephew sounds like he has learned to give of himself unselfishly!

I love how you described your husband. God certainly knew what your needs would be and provided the right husband long before! What a great testimony!

I am following your blog, now. :-)