Gratitude for a Living Love

Today I viewed a video my daughter posted. It touched me so. I paused and thanked God for my husband and son, for both these men take time everyday to let me know how special I am to them. They and I realize what a gift every day is from our Father. Each day holds so many possibilities. We serve a God that can do anything He chooses, there is no end to His love. My men make each day special in some way for me. They daily tell me they love me, but that is not enough. They moment by moment live out their love for me. I am so truly blessed to get a glimpse of the Father's love for us through the way my men love me despite my weakness. By the way they show their love, live their love, and share their love. I am blessed because they believe me. I wander if we, each of us, can say we do the same?

I share this video with you, and hope it speaks to you in some way.

I am thankful for "living love". I shared this today as part of the Gratitude Challenge hosted by Brenda at Garden of Learning.


This post made me cry....way to go...making me cry and all.

Lol I'm so pleased you are writing again, I missed it.

I love you!

- Your Daughter