Gratitude Challenge - It is an Upper

Gratitude is such an 'upper'. If you can, in the middle of your darkest days, think of one thing that makes you smile. That smile shines a light and before you know it your mind is sending happiness through your body, more good things come to mind. Before long, light pushes the darkness away and you are able to find your way once again. Yesterday I listed ten silly little pleasures in life that make me smile. Today, I think I shall once again. If anything, you will know me better. Maybe it will make you think of even the smallest thing in a day, or a memory from last month. Maybe, just maybe, then you will smile.

1) The Disney Parks and Resorts

2) Viewing Art, no matter the medium

3) Cinnamon Rolls

4) Going for a 'drive' with my family.

5) Family "Pizza and a Movie" Night

6) My daughter's phone calls

7) My husband telling me how amazing I am, over the phone! Such a flirt, lol.

8) My son's hugs

9) Disney/Pixar Films

10) Concerts under the stars


Susan Evans said…
Being grateful really does improve your mood. LOL