Free Advent Unit Studies-My Gift to You

I am spending my morning listening to beautiful music and planning for Advent Lesson Plans. I wanted to share some old favorites and some new finds with you. You may find one that you want to use, or maybe you will glean ideas from several and make your own. The important thing is to not let the Advent Season pass by. Every year our Advent studies have been the highlight of the year for my children. It is something they look forward to. It has always been a time of renewal and revival in our home as we place our focus, our minds, our hearts in the right place.
Our focus also shifts even more towards family time and traditions. I hope you will pray and consider how Advent studies might fit into your Homeschool schedule this year. Below are some links to get you started. Also be sure and check out my post on "Time for the Advent Basket".

"In My Heart and Home" has this integrated literature Advent Unit Study using the literature of Tomie de Paola. We used this as a guide last year and really enjoyed our study. This study has a Catholic bend but went well with our Methodist Church's activities that year. We enjoyed learning more about our Catholic brothers and sisters in the process.

Before you get too overwhelmed consider these peaceful suggestions from "A Holy Experience". This post written a few years back by Ann Voskamp is always a good place to stop by, to be sure you have not lost your own focus while trying to plan a return to focus for your family! Yes, read the article now, take a deep breath and just pray about what HE would have you do this Advent Season. Then let Him guide you through the remainder of the links as you search for what is right for your family and home. Ann also shares about a Christmas when everything changed as a child pondered, "What does Jesus get for Christmas?" Read this inspiring story.

Day 2 of writing this post, days later: I continue to search for things God may want to add in to our plans as we focus on Him this Advent/Christmas season. Just yesterday we spent the day giving thanks and counting our blessings. We ate a feast representing the bounty of what He hath provided even during a year of mostly unemployment, and then working in a slow economy. While others rush for gifts today, I like to think of this as Faithful Friday, not Black Friday. I spend the day thinking of the gifts he has blessed me with, thanking him for them, and asking how I might use them in the days ahead. I look for gifts that He may bring my way today. Opportunities He may grant to both give and receive.I share a few finds with you:

Teacher Mom shares this Advent Calendar. She also shares many Advent related links and includes a DVD list, and some other related unit studies.

Picture from 2008 titled our Viking Roots.

Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience site mentioned earlier, also offers this beautiful Jesse Tree study for free!

This site, All Free Christmas Crafts, offers an overwhelming amount of free crafts and ideas including for Advent! I had to sign up to receive free newsletter via email before being able to browse the site. My daughter has also signed up, and neither of us as regretted the decision.

Here is a free study also from Teacher Mom that covers the stories of favorite Christmas Stories and Hymns. We did this unit one year and created a notebook as a keepsake of our study. Being a family whose head is a Music Minister, this study was embraced. We found it interesting and easy to fit into our busy holiday schedule. The children still mention this study with fondness. They will bring up the trivia they know about a carol when they first here it each holiday season. They say they probably will do this the rest of their lives which may be annoying to some people, "Thanks mom", I hear! Ho ho ho!

This one from Teacher Mom covers the Celebrations around the World. This is another one we have done and we all adored it! We would immerse ourselves in the country whose celebration we were studying usually for two or three days. We would try recipes, read stories and learn their customs. A trip to Epcot's Christmas Around the World wrapped up that study and sealed perfectly all we had learned. Our children never have forgotten the information learned that holiday Season.

Another favorite, and the last I will share today is "Names of Jesus" Unit Study, by EasyFunSchool. Again, we made memory notebooks with our study that year. I remember how Holy that season truly felt. I have always contributed it to the study and the sheer focus it gave us on our gift Jesus. It changed our hearts forever. My parents were visiting that year and they were so elated as the children shared their notebooks and all they learned about their Saviour. We included the Jesse Tree study with this one, which also focused us, but I wish we had done them separately. I am going back and doing them separately with my son.

Taking a break from your regular routine and doing a unit study during the holiday season can greatly bless and enrich your experience together as a family. The above pictures are from that Epcot field trip mentioned above under "Christmas Around the World". May you enjoy the rest of this Faithful Friday!



Thank you. I pulled out all of our previous studies for advent and would like some fresh breath. I like the names unit study but wants to say hi and thanks before I click over.
Becky said…
Glad you found something fresh! Enjoy and have a blessed Advent Season! Rejoice!