2011 Gratitude Challenge

Again this year, I want to join in on focusing on gratitude with Garden of Learning and the 2011 Gratitude Challenge! I have so many blessings in my life, so many things to be grateful for. Yesterday, on my FB wall, I shared how thankful I was for all my FB friends. FB has been a God-send for us because it has reconnected us with friends that we have gathered over the years and miles. It also has been a great source for family scattered over the world. Recently God has answered my prayers "to extend my boundaries" and has brought new friends from various countries and states, several who live the similar and yet diverse lifestyle of Homeschooling. Through friends new and old I am daily blessed, encouraged, stretched, and challenged. Today I celebrated the beauty of having a precious daughter. Our daughter is now grown and married. Yet, despite being busy and a newlywed, she finds time for some one on one conversation with me (Mama). For twenty years, having one on one with her was my priority. What a beautiful new season as she has become her own butterfly ,setting her course, spreading her wings. Knowing she makes a priority to speak with me, pray for me, and help me, shows me the depth of her love in a tangible way. She is expressing the love our Jesus has for us. He too longs for one on one with us, so that our relationship with him never becomes stale. May you be blessed as you visit There Is Hope Blog. I hope you too will join in on focusing on gratitude daily this month. As you do, share it with others! Praying you experience the JOY and HOPE, Becky


Heidi said…
Your blog looks pretty, Becky. I visited last night and noticed it was a new look - now today it's different yet again!
Jennifer said…
You do have such a precious daughter! We love her, too.