Fall Food Fun

Enjoy the season with easy, fun , creative recipes. Choosing recipes, making a menu , shopping and creating a masterpiece can all be ways to incorporate food into your homeschool lessons. You will make some special memories along the way. So where can a parent turn for some easy affordable ideas? As I have told my adult daughter, ask your mom first. (wink) Mom many times has special family recipes to pass on down for the next generation. Another idea is to visit the local library. Several seasonal books tell a story and have a Fall recipe at the end, or you could always check out a *new to you* cookbook. Check your own library of cookbooks or online. I am listing a few favorite links where we will be pulling ideas from. Enjoy and cook up a bit of Fall! ****Dollar General Easy Recipes for Halloween ****Family Fun ****Great ideas from Kraft Recipes ****Lots of fun at Activity Village ****Lastly, I am finding some great deals for our Fall Party at local pharmacies! I have found treats, toys, pencils, decor, bowls and serving trays, gift bags, and more. Check pharmacies/drug stores near you. In early Nov. watch for closeout prices and stock up for future years. With a little creativity and fun, you can have a wonderful time celebrating Fall.


SuzBee (Suzanne Broadhurst) said…
Oooh, I just looked through my allergy-free cookbook and my cowboy cookbook for some ideas ... I'm re-inspired to hit the kitchen!

Thanks for sharing!