Don't Give Up (Motivation)

"Don't give up , just go on" , in a singing voice this is the message we often share between us in our home. Our minds always reverting back to a Blue Clues video that our son watched a zillion times (Ok, maybe not that many) . Steve and Blue really brought home the message of not giving up to our family, of course we always were a family who tried to rise above. (For more on that story read our "Miracle Week" Posts. Here is a link to the last in the series : Miracle Week Cont. )

As many start a new school year we look forward with excitement, and a little concern usually. "What are some ways we can motivate our students?" , asked one Mother. To many mothers, here are a few ideas from my own experience. I hope you will visit us again often and read about ways we have overcome, climbed those mountains, and did not give up! Maybe you will find ways you can too!

First, Mom take a breath! You need to take a step back . If possible, put this subject to the side for a bit, or go back a chapter, just step back. I would then go to prayer for guidance. I seek daily for wisdom to see the BIG picture and to know the best way I can encourage and grow this amazing child. My biggest advice is for neither you nor your child to give up on mastering a subject. I had one student struggle with reading for years. However, once he had mastered a firm foundation, through repeated practice, that child advanced several grade levels in reading all in just one year! It was on his own timing. He ended up embracing reading not hating it. I think that was because we would not let him give up. He kept getting back up and trying again. A lesson that crossed boundaries and impacted all of life.

Often, it only took repeated practice and so I would offer rewards for hard work and consistent training. An athlete does, so why not a student? I also found that often it was I who needed to change my approach in teaching the subject. Maybe I needed to make something more Hands-On, or a video worked better than just reading a text. Sometimes I just needed to offer something that was more visually appealing or centered around a passion. We might add in some music or a field trip. We try to make everyday a little different. Create an atmosphere for family life long learning and make learning fun!

Everyday, we also needed encouragement! All of us did! By focusing on the positive growth while pointing out the errors, the child grew in confidence and was soon spotting errors on his own. Before long the child was encouraging me and others as he learned that it is a gift we all need. These are just a few tips to encourage you to keep on encouraging and running your race. Best wishes!