Wacky Wednesday

Whooo hooo, it is sizzling and July! This means Daddy has a little more free time on Wednesday's and we can have a little more wacky fun! Every summer we get so icky by the time the middle of the week comes around, so we have always planned a little far out fun to reboot. This summer has been more challenging due to layoff's, gas prices, economy, health, and the loss of free movies. The majority of mother's are having to get a little more creative! It is really no problem thanks to all the great ideas on the web. Some theaters in the nation still are doing our beloved summer free movie festival. Also, check your library! I found out that ours is using the community center for special programs on Wednesday mornings. This week was one on reptiles.

So what are we doing today? Well...sigh...unpacking, and trying to get over some virus. (pout face on) Our son though has plenty of wacky options: His friends have been coming up with some games and fun pretend play today. We are going hunting for dirt cheap shorts and shoes for camp, so he can have fun and not worry if something is ruined or torn.Our fantastic youth minister has planned a summer full of wacky fun on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. A girl after my own heart! Each week the youth will serve the community in some way for the afternoon, and then have some wacky fun afterwards. This afternoon, teens will serve for two hours at our food and clothing house called House Blest. They help to stock and the older ones help with distribution. Afterwards, the youth are having a Pizza and Slip/Slide party. FUN! You could easily adapt such an idea to your own family. Think of an act of kindness you could do together, and then plan something fun afterwards. Plan to repeat the process each Wednesday for a month. BTW, the picture above is from a youth "Get Gross" party recently. That's my amazing son on the ground, yes, having ketchup poured in his mouth! The one below is also from the party night. WACKY!

Go as extreme or simple as you want, but plan ahead and take time weekly to just reboot, and most of all, do it together! Do something that is out of your comfort zone or something new. Do something gross, or just as wacky as you can imagine!Celebrate life and embrace WACKY WEDNESDAY'S!

In all my wackiness,


Hi! Stopping in to visit and follow from the crew. We are planning a trip to WDW in Feb. I'll be scoping out your Destination Disney links right now!! :)
Heidi said…
Becky~ you always have the best ideas for fun activities! Sounds like your youth group will be having lots of fun this summer!
Looks like fun! :)

Stopping by from the Crew! Now following you. :)

dolphin lady said…
Hi! Visiting from TOS Crew and REALLY like the look of your blog!