Wacky Wednesday's Return

A summer tradition here at this blog and in our home is "Wacky Wed." Years ago
we found that by Wednesday we need a break and renewal time. Our family serves
at churches on Sundays, and with Dad working two or three jobs over the years, Wednesday became our day to enjoy living! We celebrate our family and our quirkiness. You could do the same on any day that works best for your family.
A day when Mom and Dad can take a good chunk of time to be with all the family.
If you have teens or adult children at home, discuss a schedule with them so
that through the week they also are a part of these family times. This creates
a lasting bond, and I am speaking from experience.

On Wednesday's I try to have something planned that is a little off from regular routine. We aim to laugh and release each Wacky Wednesday. This week I planned
to have us make a marble maze using odds and ends I have been collecting over
the past school year. We have all sizes of tubes and pringle cans. The idea
started with my son remembering one of his favorite childhood toys being a
plastic marble maze I had earned from a work at home job. We passed it on
to another young child once my son had outgrown his. A few days after him
sharing his memory, I saw an idea for making a homemade one. So, we started on
our project today to see if we really can make one just as good. We tend to
not be a crafty family, so this will be interesting. Usually we do not start
long-term projects on Wednesdays, but we thought, "Why not?". We have had a few wacky weeks lately, and just found out yesterday that we must move in one week!
So more time today was spent making the best of our situation, being creative in packing up quickly and turning our whole unsure future into a great adventure.
We just know that God has us in His hands. He has never failed us. He is doing a
new thing, and we are so excited to see what we will have to share with the world
in the weeks to come! Many life changes are happening, and our tradition to take some time to laugh will be just what we need in the weeks ahead. I hope you
will return in the weeks to come and enjoy us sharing our fun activities. Maybe we
will inspire you to do the same. We do hope you will share them with us.

Lastly, be sure and check your local theaters for some wacky fun! Lot's of them are offering free, one dollar, or discounted showings of several children's films. These are usually showed on Tuesday and Wednesday's during the summer. We have enjoyed this inexpensive activity for eleven summers! It is a fun and great memory my children have of our summers. Sometimes we would take blankies or pillows, or maybe some homemade popcorn! It was even more fun when we should share these outings
with other Mom's and their children. We would often see the movie and then have a
picnic before nap time, during which I would read-aloud until the children fell asleep. I would have some fun activity for the evening to wrap up our Wacky day.
I had to get more creative the older they got, but we plan to continue this
routine even with the grandchildren one day. It just works!