Twisted Thursday Summer Fun

Back in May, I suggested you take Thursday's for some fun Summer Twisted Thursday's, focusing on Science these days. Today, Dad announced that we are going to start producing our own worms. Yes, a worm farm! This is so the 'men' can have bait for fishing. I plan to see what else the little critters might be useful for.Remember, we are a family who had lost their small town roots but are trying to relearn them and some self-sustaining knowledge that we lost over the years. So, we are quite excited about Dad's announcement! Seems he has a friend who is going to guide us in our science endeavors over the rest of the summer.

My men are also going to learn how to take all those fish they have been catching and determine if they could serve a meal or two. They are going to learn how to clean, store, and cook the fish that are safe to eat. They have been learning over the past year, many of the names of various catches. They have also learned a lot about alligators. Let me just quickly add that these learning trips with Dad and a dear friend, have also expanded to Philosophy, History, Applied Math and Life Skills. Our son says these were the times he felt he learned the most, and enjoyed the most. Try and think of a family project that your child might do with Dad, and/or another godly man. You will be glad you did!

Back to our Worm Project: We need to get a large plastic bucket with a lid. We need to set a time to go visit our friend for our first lesson. I also found some websites with free 'extras' for learning that I might throw in on Thursday's. Fun!
More worm adventures ahead!

Here is one link on all things worms!

Make Memories and have some Twisted Thursday's!


Doreen said…
Loved this post. My son, however, would run with great speed from a bucket of worms. He is so non-bug, non-slimy. I saw your post on the crew forum and I'm also from soggy Florida - Hernando County actually. I'm not following your blog with GFC.
Lori said…
That actually sounds like fun and since daddy got a new fishing pole to try out, I am sure he can make use of some extra worms!
April said…
We could use a worm farm for feeding our dragon and turtles. Fishing would certainly be a bonus! Excited to see how it goes!

Visiting and following from the Crew...

joelle said…
You have a beautiful blog. Visiting from the crew.
danielle @ RLR said…
I loooove your story! My hubby and I were missionaries in Tanzania for a handful of years before we had to come home due to catastrophic illness. Which is why the very first quote in your bio resonated so deeply with my heart. Only to read on and see you have a budding missionary! I'm such a sap for missions...

Happy to meet you through the Crew!

Becky said…
So nice to meet new friends and crew mates, some have been sailing awhile and we just have not bumped into each other on deck! I am starting my third cruise with the TOS Homeschool Crew. I am so happy that you stopped by. Remember you can find us also on FB at There Is Hope Blog, Blogfrog, Networked and Circle of Mom's! You ladies reminded me that I have some updating to get done here, so much has changed along our journey this past year! Life is exciting! Go live it in His abundant love!
Have a great summer!