A New Day

Hello Blogger friends!You have been on my heart and in my thoughts. What a May/June we have had. How about you? My family needed my time and attention as did my own body and soul. This meant something had to be laid aside, and that was blogging and computer time. We are slowly getting into a new groove though, so we will see what the new day holds.

We are becoming more and more aware of the beauty and gift of each new day! I hope you and your family are embracing the summer and celebrating each day God grants you. We have been growing and learning. We have started a new phase of life, moved to a new place, met new friends, and God is introducing new things daily! It has been such such a beautiful and yet hard time, as growth is.

As we begin July, we of course start with a BANG! What are you doing for the fourth? Have any great resources or ideas to share? Go and leave your ideas or links at our FB page or right here! It is so fun to share with one another, it is really a blessing. We are planning to head to the big celebration "Thunder on The Ridge". With music, family games, crafts, food and fireworks, it is sure to be a day of memories.

We have a lot we want to share with you from our summer. We figure eventually we will have some rainy days and can catch you up a bit on the great resources that have passed Mom's desk, things we have done, and things we are learning. I cannot wait to share with you about God's faithfulness to see us through our darkest nights. Thank you for your patience, and I do hope you will stop back by every now and then. I hope in some way that every time you visit "There Is Hope Blog" you leave with a renewed mind and heart. God bless you and have a fantastic July!