Manic Math Monday

Summer has unofficially started and we are relaxing and chilling out but inside as it is hot here but even more hot north of us! It has been a bit manic with the heat which greatly effects a dysautonomia patients body. I am still healing from the the last body crises, so for today's Math Monday activities I planned a few options. My guys chose a puzzle/logic XBox game to work on together (Dad and teen son). We got this from a free trial at Gamefly. We are so far enjoying the Gamefly experience and will be posting a review on this after a few weeks of using the service. The boys are also really enjoying this challenging game but are glad they did not spend money to buy it. You can find all kinds of Logic and Math games now available on both electronic, PC and board games.

For next weeks Math Monday we will be taking a look into the world of Tangrams. Research before next Monday and you will find several free websites that share the history behind these logic puzzles but also some have free puzzles. One good safe site is from PBS's Cyberchase on the topic TANGRAMS. Have fun with Math activties this summer!