Summer Fun Schedule For YOU

Hello dear friends! Are you ready for summer? I have always loved summer despite that my body does not too much. My spirit sure soars during this time of year. However, I have a very bored 13 year old son. Yes, already! We ended school early in May. I knew boredom would happen, and knowing I might be down on bedrest, I planned out activities, one or two a day. I want to share these with you in case you too have a need and are looking for ideas.

The plan is to daily share what occurs on our summer journey and to give you ideas for the following week in case you want to plan something. Below I share a link for a FREE summer fun calendar from Amanda Bennett! This is a great place to gather ideas. I also share our daily blog schedule so you have a heads up of what will be coming this summer at There Is Hope Blog! I hope you will join us. Please come back and share so we can go and see about your own journey!

You do NOT want to miss out on Amanda Bennett's FREE Summer fun click HERE!

Remember each main blog focus will be for the following week's plans. Also remember that my health status can change in minutes so nothing is ever for sure. I am a planner though, so on we plan:

Monday - Mathematical Monday's and sharing any fun activities we have done that day.

Tuesday - Tantalizing Recipes to cook together! We will also share any special activities from our day.

Wednesday - Wacky Wed. will return for a third summer to There Is Hope! This is when we share ideas for wacky fun activities to do together. Of course, we will also share any other ideas or things we do.

Thursday - Twisted Thursday's which we will share science fun. The goal is to have such fun it never dawns on my son that we are learning! We will continue to share. Also on Thursday's we will share devotions from the Book of Romans, in God's Holy Word.

Friday - Family Friday's which we focus on family activities to enjoy over the weekend and family movie night. On Friday's we like to sum up the week and share freebies as well.

Saturday and Sunday's - These are the 'Seeking' Days when we will share ideas for seeking God in Nature, Friendships, Worship, Family and Friends. It is my hope that each weekend post will encourage you to seek Him in all things.

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