Publix PreSchool Fun - For Free

Here is some information on a great free online community and site for parents, grandparents, and teachers. It is offered by the Florida grocery store chain, "Publix". An educational and entertaining site, "Preschool Pals" is an exciting new online club for preschoolers and their caregivers to explore! You can join for FREE!

What comes with membership?
(Info is from a box of Publix Cereal)
*One of a kind CD - Rom
*A cool activity book
*On birthday's you get can get prizes and birthday cards for your children
*Parents receive a quarterly newsletter
*Access to an informative, educational and entertaining website
All you need is a Home Computer and Internet access, it is all free and easy!

On the back of Publix Cereal's a family can currently meet and get to know each of the Publix Pals! Each Pal has their own job. For Example: Henna the Hen teaches Meal Planning. I think she may just be a new friend to Mom too! You and your child can learn about healthy family meal planning from Henna, together. Another example, is Pearl the Polar Bear will teach parent and child about Food Safety. Learn how to minimize contamination. Baron the St. Bernard teaches about Child Safety and even wears his own bike helmet. There are several more pals waiting to educate both parents and preschoolers. Seven lively games bring home the lessons to your preschooler. See an example of all you get with membership by visiting the website below.

As it says on my own cereal box:
What are you waiting for? Go to the website

* I bought a box of cereal and saw this information and thought I should share it with others. I did not receive anything in return!