Paul's Letter - A New Blog Series

The apostle Paul was writing to believing Jews and Gentiles who were a part of the church, in Rome, in AD 57, when he pinned the letter that would become the book of Romans. Romans is a book that is filled with hope and encouragement. It is one I often to turn to. I look forward to one day sitting with Paul and celebrating the fulfillment of the hope we both found on Earth, from Heaven, during our own journeys that included illness. I look forward to thanking him for being a role model of how to run the race despite the obstacles placed before you.

In this letter, Paul wrote such a clear and full explanation of the gospel, and provided such a systemic outline of the essentials of the Christian faith that scholars often refer to it as a masterpiece. It is a masterpiece that both a young and a mature believer can return to it, time and time again, always finding new treasures.

While my 'letters' may not have the impact of Paul, I could not ignore a clear call to share the treasures from within the book with my readers. I will not be going chapter by chapter but only as the Spirit leads. I hope this series of blog posts over the summer will spark discussion here and on our Facebook page, as well as, spark new hope in each of us. Please join us as we learn from Paul's letter to he church in Rome.


Nikki said…
The book of Romans is indeed a powerful book. I just noticed your husband is in the ministry. My husband is as well. :)
Crystal said…
Hello Beautiful Becky! So glad to have found your blog!