Up and running , well more shuffling....

I have not been regularly blogging because of an aweful flare of my illnesses. Over this time my mind has been enlightened to be more open to new technolgical helps. I look foward to moving this blog forward and even past just being a friend/peer blog, but one that strangers, and friends of friends come and find some help in. So, please stay tuned! Be sure and 'like' our new FB page called THERE IS HOPE BLOG on FB. You will find links to my blog, as well as, more discissions over what I share.
It is a place for hope, love, faith and encouragement on your own path, while we walk the journey ahead together, realizing we are never alone! Please, do follow the blog and the blog page on FB. I think you will be blessed. New Graphics, colors and pictures/images will be filling the pages. The vibe may change a bit, bust rest assured - the message is still the same! So - follow today, like tody on FB, and then come back and let me know you did!
This is not a heavily advertised giveaway, so this time it is real easy.
I will be doing a GIVEAWAY of a full Easter Basket for Easter!
Enter now!


Heather said…
So sorry to hear for sure you have been struggling w/illness. I suspected, from your fb posts:( Anyway, I do follow you here and enjoy seeing you pop up in my feed reader. I follow you on FB, but probably not your official page...I will go do that now! Praying that you have strength and that you know how much your praise means to others!