Lemonade Mouth by Disney Channel

My 13 year old son is going around the house these days singing songs from the newly released "Lemonade Mouth" from Disney Channel. Our family watched it twice this past weekend. Even Dad was joining in on the fun! We loved it. At first I was upset and about to turn it off, but my husband suggested we watch it all the way through and discuss anything that we liked or disliked. We are glad we did. It raised many discussions and inspired all of us in some way. No foul language, and other eyebrow raisers for us, made the viewing enjoyable. Although the family did shutter as mom busted a few moves (smile) - don't worry, I did them sitting down. Which reminds me - I was so excited to see a girl student, with speaking parts, in none other than a pink wheelchair!!!! Here so many thought I was the only one. Well, you go girl!

A soundtrack will also be released and we will be enjoying that, although we all already are creating our own soundtrack of it. We have all been caught singing the songs around the house. It is going to be our summer theme I believe!