I want to post a thank you for the many prayers and encouraging posts and mail I have received from my readers, friends and family. Until you have walked such a journey, you can not know what taking a few minutes to share some positive words can do for the runner of this race! It helps to pick up the pace per say.

Many began to realize that something was up with me the past few months. I was not ready to share and still am a little reserved to expose all the attacks I have battled in the past few months that end up effecting all of life. However, Spring has brought new hope and a new medical team player. It has called me to wake up and thank God each morning! To fight and focus on love at the same time. My faith, love and hope, my walk with my Heavenly Father, have all grown this past winter and we see new buds sprouting forth! I do not know the number of my days, but He does. I daily recall Lottie Moon and her quote ~ "I am immortal until the Lord's work for me is done."

I will continue having testing, appts. and many meds to keep straight this Spring. As I continue to let God use others to help me keep going, I will share some of my journey with you here, on FB, BlogFrog,Networked Blogs and our new FB page for this blog. I do so not for anything but to hopefully encourage others, share love and the message of my Jesus.

I challenge you to speak encouragement to yourself daily, as well as, to others. The few moments you take to do so could change or save a life! God bless each of you!


Lisa said…
(((HUG)))) You are an inspiration to me Becky!!! Thank you for helping me to focus my praises and thanksgivings back to the One who is Lord of all!

You are in my prayers!
Jennifer said…
"Won't you pray for me...and I'll pray for you." Your prayers are a blessing to me, too. I am continuing to lift you up to our Jehovah Rapha.